Monday, June 21, 2010


Questo e' Brian, il mio figlio piu' giovane.
This is Brian, my youngest son.

A lui piace lavorare nel giardino.
He likes to work in the garden.

Nel sole, o nella pioggia.
In the sun, or in the rain.

Nel mattino, o nel pomeriggio.
In the morning, or in the afternoon,

A lui piace piantare e annafiare i fiori e gli ortaggi.
He likes to plant and water flowers and vegetables.

E  a te? Ti piace lavorare nel giardino?
And you? Do you like to work in the garden? ( Do you like to do yard work?)

Quando lavori? A che tempo preferisci lavorare nel giardino?
When do you work? What time of the day do you prefer to work in the yard?


  1. Hello readers and learners. I need to know if this blog is of any use to people. If not, I will close it and put my energies somewhere else. I have enjoyed doing these lessons/conversations for the last few months and have re-read your comments and your initial enthusiasm was contagious. But, we all have so many things to attend to.

  2. Mi piace questo blog ma, Rosaria, su meritas un pocco di riposo.

  3. sorry for being late,
    what magical finish...
    it reminds me of my time at country side.

  4. i used to spend few minutes every morning to learn a little italian, right before starting my work day, but things have changed and i have been working longer and longer hours. i barely find time to read before bedtime :( I am so behind and hope to catch up over the summer.

  5. Mi piace queste blog, mais io no parlo italiano. I love it, though. I was justy thinking today of what sort of phrases Fabio Capello will have in his head (in Italian, of course) before the England vs Slovenia game. :-)

    Greetings from London.

  6. Ciao lakeviewer
    non abbandonare il tuo blog , io lo trovo molto interessante.
    A me piace lavorare nel giardino nei giorni di festa, mi piace curare i fiori ma anche le verdure.

  7. Ciao "Italian for Beginners".

  8. I think i spend a lot of time in your blog. i want to learn italian in a month or two!!!