Thursday, February 11, 2010

Mettere=Get started

Mettere in viaggio---------Set out (for a trip)

Mettere in chiaro---Make things clear.

Mettere in accordo.........Reach a decision.

Mettere al mondo----Bring into the world.

Mettere che.........Suppose that.

Mettere da parte...Put aside.

Mettere a posto------Tidy up.

Mettere a fiducia-----Inspire trust.

Mettersi con Maria.
Form a couple with Maria, as in we're an item, we're together, we're steady.

Mettere= verb, transitive, regular 

Io mett(o)....Io mi metto a letto
tu mett(i).....Tu ti metti
lui mett(e)....Lui si mette
noi mett(iamo)...Noi ci mettiamo
voi mett(ete)...Voi vi mettete
loro mett(ono)...Loro si mettono

Mettersi= one self, in general, reflexive


  1. forte!
    Michele pianetatempolibero

  2. Looking forward to seeing you at The Farmhouse Valentines tea party....


  3. Oggi ho messo a fare....

    Today I started to do...

    It's like that southern way, the fixing to do something....

    Mi sto mettendo a fare i servizi.

    I'm starting to do the chores.

    Mettiti in testa che il mio desiderio `e di insergnarti italiano!

    Get it in your head that my desire is to teach you Italian!

  4. p.s.

    Jasmine, mettiti in testa che tu puoi imparare tutto che vuoi.

    Jasmine, get it through your head, you can learn everything you want (to learn)

  5. Sempre brava, e che belle fotografie..Buon san Valentino
    Ciao Rosaria

  6. Mi sto mettendo a cucinare minestra di piselli

    I'm going to cook pea soup -- ??

  7. Io metto a preparare San Valentino celebrazione con tutta la familiglia domenica prossima.

  8. Anch'io mi metto a celebrare la festa di San Valentino.

    Buona Festa!

  9. What a great blog I have discovered today. I need all the help I can get with my Italian as I seem to forget as fast as I learn. your blog will help me practice.

  10. I first time visited your blog. It is a great blog. Now, one can learn Italian in a simplified way.

    Best wishes. :)

  11. I just saw you on my blog..and to answer you question about your blog...i'll be happy to check it out tomorrow ...I am out the door..but i'll be back soon...

    thanks for stopping by farmhouse..


  12. Grazie Lakeviewer per la visita da me!

    Vengo subito a dire qualcosa qui e mi piacciano molto queste pagine...cosi metto a visitar il suo portale spesso.

    A presto, Hadriana (o Adriana) :)

  13. sweet pea planting..i saw the potatoes and was on the fence as to if i should try them..i never have. maybe i should....

    happy planting...