Tuesday, January 19, 2010

La Mia Famiglia...continuando...

Nella foto, Antonio `e il mio fratello maggiore--------In the photo, Antonio is my older brother.
Io sono la sorellina--------------------------------------I'm his little sister.

Addolorata e Domenico sono moglie e marito----------Addolorata and Dominic are wife and husband.

Sono i nostri genitori, ora morti da molto tempo----------They are our parents now deceased a long time.

Antonio `e cresciuto e diven`to un sarto/designer, lavorando nelle case di Fashion.
Anthony grew up and became a taylor/designer, working in fashion houses.

Io lavoravo come maestra/professoressa/direttrice, insegnando e fare una direttrice nelle scuole secondarie e nell'universita.

I worked as a teacher/professor/president, teaching and directing in secondary schools and at the university.

Al presente, Antonio `e ritornato a vivere in Venosa, il paese da dove noi tutti veniamo.
Presently, Antonio has ritorned to live in Venosa, the town from which we all came.

Ora lui `e diventato un novelista, avendo studiato Lettere e Filosofia.
Now he is a novelist, having studied Literature and Philosophy.

All prossima volta!.............


  1. I am a failure at Italian, Rosaria, I have not kept up. My apologies...maybe I will go back but I cannot seem to even keep up with my blog, the comments, etc.

  2. Carmen,
    It's here when you have time. No pressure.

  3. I am also not keeping up, but have been reading at least, and will jump in when time allows!

  4. Hard for most of us to keep us with a new language or a new instrument without practice. Don't you worry. The blog is here to stay; I'm going slow and easy.

  5. Meglio tardi che mai - qui andiamo.

    La vostra famiglia e bella. Amo il vostro nome della madre - Addolorata.

    La mia famiglia migrato dall'India in 1984. Avevo sedici. La mia sorella era quattordici ed il mio fratello era Quattro. Stiamo vivendo in Maryland per i 25 anni scorsi.

    (this is what I am trying to say - please correct:

    Better late than never – here we go.
    Your family is beautiful. I love your mother’s name – Addolorata
    My family migrated from India in 1984. I was 16 then. My sister was fourteen and my brother was four. We have been living in Maryland for the past 25 years.)

  6. Pink, brava. Tutte le tue parole erano precise.

    How did you come to pick up Italian so easily? Do tell.

  7. I have been reading and rereading all your old lessons several times - plus I have been using online translators for some stuff (like the sentence 'better late than never'). I really want to learn the language and can't thank you enough for taking the time to teach it :)

  8. The pleasure is mine! Il piacere `e il mio.