Friday, December 10, 2010

Ultima Lezione.

 Ti ricordi? Eravamo turisti con poche parole?
Do you remember?We were tourists with few words?

 L'abbraccio nel vicolo? The hug in the alley?

Le passegiate ?
The walks?

Giornate da scoprire e da sorridere?
Days to discover and to smile (over)?

Ti ricordi le prime cose?
Do you remember the first things? (the first lessons?)

Oggi e' l'ultimo giorno.
Today is the last day.
L'ultima passegiata.
The last walk.

Ci vediamo all'intorno.
Will see each other around.

Buona fortuna a tutti.
Good luck to all.

Note: This is the last lesson of Italian for Beginners.


  1. Dear reader,
    Thank you for coming along with these Italian lessons, all 74 of you. I will miss you; I will miss preparing these lessons, too. However, we have been together for a year, and I have taken very few steps to move the lessons forward.

    I need to send you to other places where you can make progress, if you wish.

    Let me know if you are interested in doing additional studies. I will research and prepare sites/blogs and websites that provide language lessons, free of charge, and will contact you with suggestions.

    Thank you for following along and being sweet and kind to me.


  2. Dear,

    You Kindly Continue With These Lessons and at the end of each lesson, you could help us out providing the information & the URL of the blogs, websites who are providing language lessons free of cost. So you could try to link with the post. Like, You teach Italian and English here, In the same manner, you could find translation in different languages when you provide such links. This Is My Opinion :) :) So Sidewise, We could come across many languages & learn many new Languages too :) :)

    Thanks A Lot For Your Kind Visits and cherishable encouraging compliments in my space.

  3. Thank you, Rosaria. I stumbled upon your blog late in its life, but I appreciated the ease with which you seemed to convey simple concepts. It was encouraging to me. I have been studying the language for about 8 years, but I have little opportunity to really use it except in emails to cousins in Italy. Thanks you for letting me walk a short way with you.
    You are most generous.

  4. ciao cara amica e BUONE FESTE
    Michele pianetatempolibero

  5. Thank you, Rosaria, for your efforts to teach us beginning Italian. I found it helpful. I would be interested in your recommendations for websites to learn more.

  6. Rosaria, THANKS for everything! I really enjoyed this blog! Your entries were really accessible and, somehow, relaxing. I had fun reading the posts out loud in my invented Italian accent :) My brothers thought I was crazy. If you change your mind and keep writing lessons I'll be reading you (out loud) ^_^
    Hugs from Chile.

  7. I am sad to see this end. I have learned a lot here. Please don't delete this blog and leave it around for reference.

    Thank you for everything Maestra :)

  8. Grazie Rosaria. We can still be friends on FB :)

  9. non te ne andare,io stavo imparando un po' di Inglese

  10. Everyone, if you wish to continue learning Italian, the best thing to do is to go to food blogs written in Italian. Why? Because you will recognize the vocabulary in context, can use Google Translation for vocabulary, and slowly get the practical aspect of the language.

    Also, go to
    They have regular articles on Italian life, culture and language. Our very own blog-friend Pat (Patti Chiari for her language column) who is a retired language teacher writing for the magazine and with the blog
    she can guide you to other places too.

    If you have not met Eleonora at
    you are missing a great overview of Italian life, food, culture from a bilingual perspective.

    Earlier, I advised you about other blogs as well, all written in Italian, by people who follow this blog also.

    Check out:
    Maurizio at
    Michele at

    You are welcome to scroll my profile page and find other Italian blogs that might be of interest to you.

    Good luck in your pursuit. I wish you a great holiday and a marvelous journey.

    Do drop in and join me at my other blogs. I just changed my picture on my profile. I'm now called rosaria -at -the lake.

    I do hope we continue to stay in touch, even if just on FB.

    Ciao, e buona fortuna.

  11. Buon Natale
    ciao Michele pianetatempolibero

  12. Thank you for the lessons, even if I've only attended a few!

    I read a lot in italian, there is an international newsagent in Edinburgh that sells several italian magazines, which are relatively easy to read. it's speaking and writing i need the practice in!

  13. What do you mean last lesson? Can't be. I just found you! I forwarded your link to my daughter who is taking advanced Italian at OSU.

  14. Rosaria carissima ti seguirto anche su FB serena adesaso ti faccio i miei migliori e sinceri auguri di Buon Natele e felicissimo Anno nuovo
    Un abbraccio

  15. Ti auguro un felice 2011 che sia pieno di notizie che realizzino i tuoi desideri.

  16. Felice 2011
    ciao Michele pianetatempolibero

  17. Hah! Well, I just discovered it, and I enjoyed my first last lesson quite a lot. :)

  18. Gli auguri per un Santo Natae a Voi tutti Maestra Rosaria, Un abbraccio grande

  19. Un felice trascorrere del tempo porti serenita'..Ti auguro un sereno Natale e felici festivita'!!!