Sunday, August 15, 2010


In Italia, in questo mese di Agosto, tutti vanno in vacanza, al le spiaggie, alle montagne, a qualsiasi altro posto.
In Italy, in this month of August, everyone goes on vacation, to the beaches, to the mountains, to someplace else.

Ferragosto e' un giorno/mese di vacanze
"Ferragosto" is a day/month of vacation.

Mi pare che in Francia si va in vacanza anche in Agosto.
I think that in France one goes on vacation in August too.

Qui, in America, si va in vacanza quando si puo' per una o due settimane, quando tutta la famiglia puo' essere insieme. In tante citta' le scuole non si chiudano nell'estate.
Here, in America, one goes on vacation when one can, for a week or two, when the entire family can be together. In many cities, schools don't close in summer.

Com'e' dove tu vivi? Quando vai in vacanza?


  1. heiiiiiiiiiiii ciao, che bella foto! anche io sono in vacanza :-)

  2. Ah bella! I love that the the word for August was made into a word that is particular for vacations;

    Where do I live? Georgia. Where do we go on vacation? When? In summer we go to the mountains, where it is cooler and to elevations above "mosquito line"... and our beach vacation is always the second week in March. A little cool for swimming, but again, few bugs, except (sometimes when there is no breeze) no see 'ems

  3. Just thought I'd tell you, that this proves I am totally bonkers! I love to come here to read the Italian in my head, because I can understand so much, even though I could no more write any than fly through the air! lol xxx