Thursday, July 22, 2010

Certo che no!

Vai a visitare  Michele.  Visit Michael at pianetatempolibero to find these words and smile a bit!

Parole da sapere: Words to know

Certo che no!  Absolutely not!

Beh! Well. So. Now.  An expression to punctuate your statement!

C'entra!  It's important.

Vabbe` O.K.

Penso di si! I think so.

Cazzo!  Heck! or stronger language you prefer.


  1. ciao e grazie
    Michele pianetatempolibero

  2. bene con questo post ho arricchito mil mio vocabolario di inglese con una parolaccia.
    Heck e' un vocabolo molto usato in Italia...
    ciao buon week end

  3. Amalia, 'heck' is a mild version.

  4. When I was scoutmaster of an Italian troop in Montreal my boys would say (I don't know if I write it correctly) "Que chucho" when someone did something silly. Most were Calabrese and had arrived with their parents between 1946 and 1948 when I was assigned to that new troop.
    Can you imagine a half Greek assigned to an Italian boyscout troop just after the war? Some parents eyed me suspiciously...but all went well