Thursday, December 3, 2009

Prime cose

Benvenuti! Welcome.

Questo `e il mio paese---This is my town.

Si chiama Port Orford--It's called Port Orford.

Una strada nel centro--A street downtown.

Poco traffico--Little traffic.


  1. Hi Jasmine,
    This blog is for you. This is one way for you to learn Italian.

    Ciao Jasmina, questo blog `e per te. Questa `e una via da imparare l'italiano.

    Fammi sapere i tui pensieri.
    Let me know your thoughts.

  2. This is a brilliant idea! You have yourself another student...

  3. Ciao, Jinksy e Willow, care amiche mie. Grazie per la visita. A domani, con un'altra lezione.

    Hello, J and W, dear friends of mine. Thanks for the visit. To tomorrow, with another lesson.

  4. This is great...I went to Italy 18 years ago...learned just a bit of Italian, and have always wanted to study more. I'm in!

    Prime Cose....1st lessson?

  5. I'm here, too...I am not totally proficient in Spanish though the city and county of San Francisco considered me bilingual. I will enjoy comparing it to Spanish.

  6. Ciao, Diana. Prime cose= first things. I'm glad you are joining me on this journey.

  7. Ciao Carmen. With a background in Spanish, this will be easy. Welcome.

  8. That is about all I can cope with! Just right for me!

    Nuts in May

  9. Grazie Rosaria. Io sarai cui quotidie.
    I will better understand when Giovanni puts Italian in his comments.

  10. Ciao Maggie e Costo. Arrivi quando vuoi. Sarai sempre benvenuto. (Arrive when you wish. You'll always be welcome.)

  11. Rosaria this seems hard.

    Rosaria this is brilliant.


  12. Ciao Maestra.
    questa è una bellissima idea. Jasmine è molto fortunata. E anche noi.

    Hi Teacher,
    this is a very beautiful idea. Jasmine is very lucky. And so are we.

    Lola xx

  13. This is a great language and I enjoyed reading it. I like the idea and the concept here. It is clear that teaching is a strong suit.

    Spaced repetition learning?

    Kindest regards,
    Tom Bailey

  14. Ciao Rosaria
    Hi Rosaria

    Bello un blog per insegnare l'italiano.
    How nice a blog to teach Italian.

    E impararne un po' può essere utile al ristorante.
    And to learn a little bit of it can be useful at a restaurant.

    Ciao Rosaria
    Bye Rosaria

  15. Ciao Rosaria

    Tengo un poco de Espanol. I know a little Spanish.

    I will follow and learn some Italian.

  16. Ciao nonna.

    Ha, that's all I know.
    But I guess I'll have to work on it.

    Grazie Molte mi nonna.

    Ciao con amore,
    Miss ♥ Kennedy